TBG Consulting

Public Utility Economics, Policy and Strategy

        Key Areas

  1. Uncertainty management through

   scenario planning, IRP and expected

   value analysis

  1. Regulatory paradigms that reward

   efficient supply and demand

  1. Energy and regulatory policies that put

   people to work and drives the


  1. Objective benefit/cost metrics

  2. Regulatory policy for rate and resource

   approval cases

  1. Renewables (e.g., solar, wind), energy

   efficiency, DSR and low-carbon


  1. Smart grid, large generation (nuclear)

   and storage project assessments

  1. Smart grid enabled rate designs and

   smart watt programs

  1. Cost and risk reduction through

   targeted financing

  1. Timely cost recovery mechanisms

  2. Incorporation of market-based

   wholesale rules into retail market


  1. Default service without large premiums

   for volatility hedges

  1. Replacement of regulatory

   disincentives with effective incentives

  1. Cost-effective, socially responsible low

   income programs

  1. Testimony, litigation support, contract

   negotiations and corporate


David Magnus Boonin

Founder and President

    Superior solutions to meet common goals

    Everyone wants reliable, efficient, sustainable and viable

    utility service - electric, gas and water - that synchronize

    the public and private interests. 

    TBG finds, refines, positions and implements superior

    solutions to meet this common goal of properly priced,    

    responsible utility service.

       Value to Clients

  1. Practical and objective advice

   and solutions

  1. Focus on both the big picture

   and the details

• Below market fees

• Recognized thought leadership

• Personal attention

  1. Sensitive to client’s and

   stakeholders’ needs

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